Behind Equal Essence

Have you ever met a person with whom you were able to have an authentic and heartfelt conversation? Where you were able to express yourself and have your thoughts and feelings mirrored in acceptance and support? Where vulnerabilities were seen as strengths and your quirks celebrated as a beautiful unique expression of yourself? Have you ever found your equal essence? 

This was the foundation of the creative partnership between Dawn Sinclair and Bahia Makhoul.

Two uniquely distinct women who both experienced a shift, in different ways, but with the same intention found that they shared a unique soul based connection. This lit something within and they each knew this was a feeling that needed to be shared with the world. Not long after, Bahia had a vision she shared with Dawn about being in schools surrounded by children and books. Dawn was intrigued and this was ignition for their collaborations to begin... and thus two heartfelt content creators were born. Their first creation is the illustrated book, Self.

In addition to being heartfelt content creators, they each have their own unique skills and offerings.

dawn soft.jpg

Dawn Sinclair

Growing up in Jeddore, Nova Scotia, Dawn spent most of her childhood creating and daydreaming. She went to Mount Saint Vincent University and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Child and Youth Studies. She began teaching at Halifax Independent School where she spent 10 years inspiring young minds. At age 35, she decided to delve into her more creative self, and enrolled at QC Design School. She eventually left teaching to pursue her passion as an Interior Decorator.  Dawn currently lives with her husband, daughter and two himalayan cats, in a home she designed and built on Lake Echo.

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Bahia Makhoul

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Bahia is the eldest child of immigrant parents from Tunisia.  Honoring her father's wish, Bahia became a Professional Engineer, but always felt there was something more she was meant to do. The year 2013 brought a spiritual awakening for Bahia. Through her self healing journey, she discovered that yoga, crystals, essential oils, meditation, and a call to shamanic sound healing ignited the deep embers of her soul. She continues to hold her P.Eng designation and work part time as a financial controller,  but also offers Shamanic Sound Healing and spiritual guidance.  She lives with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and their cat, MOJO.