Bahia's Offerings

Bahia is a Shamanic Sound Healer and Certified Aromatherapist and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist.


Meditation / Hypnotherapy

Don't feel up to leaving the house but would like the ability to have a custom tailored meditation? Bahia's soothing voice and tone will give you the relaxation and balance needed for your body's natural healing.


 Aromatherapy / Crystal Consultation

Bahia will educate you on the safe use of essential oils and empower you to create your own custom blends for your home or personal use. She will also empower you with the ancient wisdom of crystal healing and help you identify which crystals are intuitively suited for your needs.


Transpersonal Sound Healing

Bahia has a way of connecting you deep to your core to help you find your own alignment. She empowers each individual to ignite their own self healing mechanisms. She provides a safe and sacred space to offer sound healing using tuning forks, drum, rattle and bowls.  Each session is unique and transformational. Bahia offers multidimentional healing for body, mind and soul.

To book a session or learn more, visit or email Bahia at